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Fill your agency’s calendar with 4-6 discovery calls with *seriously qualified leads*  in the next 45 days.

And don’t pay a penny until you get on a meeting…

Hello agency owner…

You finally did it!

All those hours learning the infinite skills that are necessary to build and run a successful agency are starting to pay off. All those courses that you’ve taken are getting you the results you’ve been craving for.

You’ve finally built your agency from scratch. You’ve been bringing absolutely killer results for your clients. 

But you know that you can do more. You’re confident about your ability to bring the same (or even better) results for more clients.

  • You want to work with more clients
  • You want to scale your agency to the moon.
  • You want to make serious $$$.

If you’re getting enough referrals, great! But if you’re not, that kinda sucks. And it gets even more annoying* when agencies with far inferior results are closing deals with your dream clients. And they don’t deserve those clients. YOU DO!

(*frustrating as hell to be honest – the FOMO is REAL!)

Since you’re reading this, you’re in luck. Congratulations!

You no longer have to worry about getting more clients. Just leave that burden on us. 

Think of us like your outsourced sales rep with ZERO base pay (yep! that’s right).

We’ll book meetings with your dream clients. Here’s how we do it.

1. Understand your business, your target audience, and other requirements through a quick no-strings-attached discovery call.

2. We’re gonna dive really deep to understand what makes an ideal client for you. This helps us target only the most qualified prospects.

3. Set up the backend stuff to start sending cold emails so that they don’t end up in spam. 

4. Scrape lists of your target clients based on the information provided by you.

5. Write genuinely personalized and irresistible cold emails, and send them through an email automation software.

6. Constantly optimize, manage and test these campaigns to improve open rates and (most importantly) reply rates.

7. Once a prospect agrees to get on a call, we’ll book a meeting on your calendar and provide you with necessary information to prepare for the call.

8. Now it’s your turn to rise and shine (and close that goddamn deal!).

Sure, there are lots of other lead generation agencies. But here’s why most of them suck…

…You’re charged ridiculous retainer fees

Sometimes you get 8 calls in a month (good for you) and 3 calls in the next month. You will have to pay that exorbitant fee even if they don’t book calls with qualified leads.

…The quality of leads *sucks*

The reason being they don’t dive deep into your ideal client profile. If you work with ecommerce stores, they just scrape some random list of stores based on the location and industry. That’s it. There’s no more filtering.

So what do you pay us? 

You only pay for the meetings that you attend.

But what about the quality of leads?

We totally understand the importance of the quality of a lead. It’d be better for you to get on a call with 2 qualified leads than 10 unqualified leads. 

Therefore, after every meeting we send you a super quick feedback form to better understand what you did/ didn’t like about the prospect. This helps us identify patterns among your ideal prospects and therefore helps us target better prospects.

Why is this very important for you?

This would incentivize us to bring you only the most qualified leads. Because if you don’t make money…we don’t either.

And this way, you also don’t have to risk losing a ton of money with agencies charging you unreasonable fees without any guaranteed results. 

What’s our secret sauce? 

Okay, so we’ve been talking a lot about this *highly qualified leads* thing. But how do we do it?

Here are a few examples

…If you run an email marketing agency that serves ecommerce stores, we only scrape companies with Klaviyo already installed.

…If you run a CRO agency, we only scrape sites with Google Analytics already installed.

…If you run a paid advertising agency that charges at least $5k/mo, we only scrape companies that make over $30k/mo so that we’re not wasting any time with the ones that can’t afford your service.

This is just scratching the surface. We’ll dive deeper based on your target industry and niche, average client MRR, ad spend, pixel tracking, responsible contact person for your service, etc.

So….are we a good fit?

Please keep in mind that we’re *very selective* in terms of the agencies we choose to partner with. Unless you have really good case studies, we won’t be able to work with you – no matter how much you’re willing to pay us

We don’t aim to partner with 30 different agencies. We’d rather work with 5 agencies that are the best at what they do. 

So here’s a 3-point checklist to qualify yourself…

  1. You must be consistently bringing kickass results for your clients.
  2. You understand that we’re a partner and we need your inputs to give you the best results.
  3. You have absolutely raving testimonials from your clients.

If you don’t see yourself ticking at least one of the above, chances are we won’t be able to work with you.

You MUST act fast. 


No, we’re not disappearing anywhere. But chances are before you get on a call with your dream client, a shitty agency might close a deal with them *only because* they’ve reached out to the client before you did.


What’s the worst case scenario?

Let’s say we don’t get you on a call with any prospect, thanks to our ridiculously awful work. You don’t pay a single penny. There’s no hidden upfront fees either.

We pay for all the backend setup, email automation softwares, list scraping, etc. This alone costs us hundreds of dollars. There’s clearly a risk on our side. 

But we do it only because we’re confident about the results that we bring. This forces us to consistently provide you with value. There’s no room for sub-par work.


So are you all set? 

Let’s hop on a quick no-strings-attached call to see how we can scale your agency to Mars before Elon Musk does 🙂 

“Harshith is an amazing copywriter who brought not only our own ideas to life with words, but also brought his own ideas to the project that really helped bring it home! He has a fantastic understanding of copywriting and is definitely amazing at his craft. He delivered the copy in the format that I wished and even finished the project early to hit a deadline. Simply amazing. I will be hiring him again for future projects!”

Charles McNeice

Director of Marketing, Sly Fox Marketing

“Harshith has a solid grasp on conversion copywriting and CRO best practices and applies them confidently to every project he works on. He’s particularly skilled in analyzing voice of customer data and translating that into copy that is as engaging as it is informative. Harshith is highly responsive and polite when it comes to communicating and receiving feedback, and it has been a great pleasure mentoring – and working – with him.”

Eden Bidani

Expert SaaS Copywriter & Growth Mentor, Greenlight Copy

“Harshith was quick to help on a recent content project. He was cheerful, proactive and very easy to communicate with. A self-confessed Michael Scott enthusiast, Harshith brought humour and entrepreneurial savvy to both his tasks.”

Sarah Cyriac

Creative Director, Quink Co.

Still can’t decide?

Just know that you’re a few clients away from recording the revenue that you’ve always dreamt of.